Optima is highly experienced and skilled in the use of TRACC and ACCESSION accessibility programs as well as GIS software such as ArcGIS and Mapinfo. High quality, user-friendly outputs can be prepared cost-effectively to assess a sites sustainability and accessibility by all travel modes.


TRACC is a program which is used for measuring accessibility to and through the multi-modal public transport system. Contour maps illustrate the level of accessibility of essential facilities, i.e. schools, GP’s and shops.

GIS Network Analyst

GIS Network Analyst is a program which is used for measuring walk/cycle distances to key facilities. This program can demonstrate the benefits of providing new infrastructure (i.e. bridge links) as well as improving the accessibility of internal Site layouts and boundary connections. The program is often used in conjunction with TA/TP’s and Proofs of Evidence in order to demonstrate a site’s accessibility against planning policy guidance or to compare against other local plan allocation Sites.

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