Travel Plan

A Travel Plan is a tool for mitigating the impacts of the built environment in order to promote sustainable development. Optima has prepared numerous Travel Plans for a range of projects across a variety of sectors including employment, retail, residential and leisure. Our knowledge ensures that a bespoke package of realistic measures can be tailored to individual sites which will deliver sustainable modal shift as well as achieving a number of other benefits for clients/occupiers i.e. unlocking additional land, minimising off site impact, reducing costs, engaging with staff and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Travel Plan Co-ordinator Role

A vital ingredient to a successful Travel Plan is the allocation of sufficient resources and key to this is the role of the Travel Plan Co-ordinator. Optima has significant experience in undertaking the Travel Plan Co-ordinator role, ensuring that we drive the travel planning process forward, secure stakeholder engagement, implement the key travel plan measures and act as the catalyst for change.

Please contact kate.peel@optimahighways.com for further details 

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