Optima has a proven and enviable track record in securing successful Appeal Decisions on a range of different projects. This success is built on our experience, innovation and thoroughness in the research and preparation of evidence. Furthermore our understanding of the requirements of Counsel allows us to comprehensively prepare our own evidence, as well as anticipate likely questioning under cross examination. 

We provide a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Input to the Statement of Case
  • Preparation of Proof of Evidence, Statement or Written Representations
  • Preparation and agreement of Statement of Common Ground
  • Conferences with Counsel
  • Preparation of Rebuttal Evidence
  • Input to the Section 106 and Planning Conditions
  • Attendance at Appeals giving evidence as the expert witness

Please contact philip.owen@optimahighways.com for further details 

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Optima is a dynamic, forward thinking consultancy providing all of your requirements in the field of highways/transportation engineering and development planning
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