Optima has a wealth of experience in the production of a range of development planning documents and technical submissions including Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Travel Plans. We have an enviable reputation for unlocking the full potential of development sites and delivering viable planning consents that achieve excellent site accessibility. Our success is reflective of our quality, innovation, technical expertise, commercial awareness and understanding of our clients aspirations. Some of our key deliverables are briefly described below.

Transport Assessments

A Transport Assessment thoroughly assesses the potential transport and highway impacts of developments which generate a significant volume of trips. Where necessary an appropriate range of mitigation measures are proposed including the promotion of sustainable development. The current National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) which advises on the content and preparation of Transport Assessments can be found here.

Transport Statement

A Transport Statement is produced in circumstances where the impact of a development is anticipated to be more limited, particularly in relation to the vehicular impact on the wider highway network. The decision as to whether a Transport Statement or a Transport Assessment is required (or indeed neither in the case of very small developments) should always be discussed and agreed with the relevant transport authorities. The current National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) which advises on the content and preparation of Transport Statements can be found here.

Access Feasibility and Masterplanning

We recognise that the ability to evaluate and identify any potential site access constraints as early as possible in the development process is crucial to project viability and the commercial interests of our clients. Our staff are experienced in undertaking feasibility/masterplanning studies, providing clients with the comfort that they require to ensure satisfactory vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access can be achieved as well as making them aware of the potential challenges ahead that require addressing.

Highway and Junction Design

Optima's expertise in this field is to produce technically competent and safe designs in accordance with national/local standards which also acknowledge and respond to the key considerations of cost, project viability, buildability and development phasing. A sufficient level of detail is provided (horizontal and vertical alignment) to successfully secure consents at the development planning stage. Optima also has the ability to verify designs against vehicular swept paths using the AUTODESK vehicle tracking software.

Junction Capacity Modelling

Accurate and representative modelling analysis goes hand in hand with understanding and applying the principles of good junction design. The modelling results inform the layout and facilities required at each junction throughout an iterative design process. Optima's ability and experience in combining these skill sets means that we can efficiently determine optimum solutions that drive forward the development process and deliver successful planning consents. Our expertise includes use of the following junction modelling software:

  • PICADY function within JUNCTIONS 8 (priority junctions)
  • ARCADY function within JUNCTIONS 8 (roundabout junctions)
  • TRANSYT 14 (signalised networks)
  • LINSIG v3 (signalised junctions)

Input to Environmental Impact Assessment

Subject to the scale and location of a development site, local authorities may require a planning application to include an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Optima has an in depth knowledge of preparing the required Transport chapter within the EIA as well as calculating traffic flows required for noise and air quality assessments. 

Car Parking

Optima can advise on the design, layout and appropriate number of spaces to be provided for all development land uses as well as for purpose built short and long stay surface and multistorey car parks.

Public Consultations

All staff have extensive experience in presenting and participating at public consultation events.

Statutory Highway Orders

Optima can undertake/advise on the processes involved in implementing highway stopping up orders, public rights of way diversions and traffic regulation orders.

Optima is a dynamic, forward thinking consultancy providing all of your requirements in the field of highways/transportation engineering and development planning
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